2017 Road Reconstruction


Project Summary

The Work includes the reconstruction of approximately 3,600 linear feet of urban street and underground utilities including approximately 3,500 linear feet of cured in place pipe sanitary sewer lining, 2,000 linear feet of 4-inch sanitary sewer replacement, 15 manhole rehabilitations, approximately 4,000 linear feet of ductile iron water main replacement, 2,400 linear feet of copper water services, 1,800 linear feet of storm sewer, 3,600 linear feet of spot curb and gutter replacement, 8,500 tons of base course, and 4,000 tons of asphaltic concrete pavement.

Every project location will be receiving sanitary and water service laterals up to the property line and will be reconnected with residents private lines.

Project Contacts

Prime Contractor - Homburg Contractors Inc., Mike Hackel; Project Lead
Monona Public Works Project Manager - Brad Bruun
Consulting Engineer - Strand, Josh Straka; Project Manager

Project Schedule, 8/28-9/8

The project is beginning to wrap up.  Crews will be completing restoration and touch up items on the construction site.  Monona staff is preparing for any tree replacement as part of this project.  If you are a resident who had a tree removed per the project please contact Brad Bruun, Public Works Project Manager, to request the replacement of that tree.  Replacement tree type/species and location will need to be agreed upon by both City staff and the homeowner.  

Road Reconstruction Documents

Bid Tab Summary
Traffic Control Plan
Project Plan Drawings

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