General Sustainability


Quick Tips:

Support The Farmer's Market
The Monona Farmers Market takes place every Sunday from May-October at Ahuska Park in Monona, located on East Broadway Drive. 
Click here to view the market web page.

Attend Events that Promote Sustainability
See the Sustainable Monona web page to browse through events related to sustainability.

Join a Club & Enjoy the Natural Beauty of Monona
Whether it’s a biking, fishing, gardening, or a power-walking group, the Monona area has plenty of ways to stay active with like-minded community members.

Go Paperless
Switching to paperless billing saves you both time and money! By paying them online, you eliminate both paper waste and stacks of mail from cluttering your home, and you'll lot of money on stamps.

Thrift Shop
Resell and donate items you don't want or need anymore, and buy ones from thrift stores that are "new" to you! Just because something is at a thrift store doesn't mean it can't be put to good use; and significantly lower prices don't hurt either.
Click here for a sustainable shopping challenge guide!

Cut Down on Meat Consumption
Reducing or eliminating meat from your diet is arguably one of the best ways to practice sustainability. In order to raise livestock, water, foodstuffs, and land is used by animals as opposed to being used or consumed directly by humans. Beef especially has a huge carbon footprint per pound of meat produced. Explore some vegetarian recipes! 

Unplug Your Phone Charger
Phone batteries, even once they reach 100%, will still consume energy when plugged in to a power source. This ends up being costly for your energy bill, and for the environment! Unplug that phone once you see it reach full battery. You can also unplug the charger as a whole!

Rotating Tires
While this may seem a little 'out of the box' for a sustainability tactic, but rotating your tires and keeping them filled with proper pressure can actually save you a lot of money! These two things help your car run as efficiently as possible. Another way to save on gas is to eliminate as much weight as you can from your car: more weight = more energy.

Saving Green by Going Green - Guide to Household Sustainability