Looking for a day for your child to be able to run around free? Does your child have a nerf blaster? Then this is the perfect event for them! 

Come out and enjoy a day full of fun activities. We will be providing the darts for the nerf blasters but your children are more than welcome to bring their own as well.

Throughout the day there will be different missions, different tasks and obstacles for the kids to complete. We want to try and re-enact a “laser tag” type event except with nerf blasters! This day will be a day for the kids to run free and put their nerf skills to the test. We will have a full staff supervising the event and doing all of the cleanup throughout the afternoon. We want to strengthen the community by having this event open for all the kids and parents to enjoy.

 Day  Date  Time Age
Apr 13
1:00 - 2:00 pm
6-8 Winnequah Tennis Courts
$15 reg_now_green
Sat Apr 13 
2:15 - 3:15 pm
9-12 Winnequah Tennis Courts
$15  reg_now_green
Things to Bring:
•Nerf Blaster
•Protective Eye Wear
•Athletic & weather appropriate apparel
•Water bottle
What to leave at home:

•Modified Nerf equipment
•Glass bottles
•Personal Nerf darts