Wellness on the Water

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Wellness on the Water is a Monona's newest fitness series offered by Monona Parks & Recreation.The Wellness on the Water goal is to facilitate improvement of the overall health and wellness within our local community by educating and empowering individuals through fitness. 

Be sure to push yourself mentally and physically with our Wellness on the Water series in order to jump start your long term health and fitness goals.

These outdoor classes are open to all! Come with friends or meet new people with common interests!

Social distancing requirements will be met.

Cost: $5 per class or 10 pack punch pass for $40
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  1. Bootcamp Basics
  2. Sculpt Yoga
  3. Sunrise Yoga
  4. Total Body Fitness
  5. Wellness Flow Yoga
  6. WERQ
  7. Yin Yoga
  8. Yoga for Strength
  9. Yoga with Childcare
  10. Zumba

An interval class designed for individuals new to bootcamp. A variety of exercises to increase power, agility, cardio, endurance and overall strength will be introduced with modifications for all levels.