2021 Water Meter Replacements

In 2021, the City of Monona is upgrading the water meters for all Monona residential water customers to new “smart” meters. The new meters will allow the utility clerk to read meters remotely making meter readings fast and efficient.  Daily monitoring reports will flag unusual water use patterns, allowing us to contact customers immediately to inform them that they may have a leak in their plumbing system. And, perhaps most importantly, the new meters will connect to a special online application called Eye on Water, so residents can track their own water usage in real time.    

The City has contracted with a company called HydroCorp to replace all current water mLogo for HydroCorp displays as text with a water droplet Opens in new windoweters and reading devices. HydroCorp has divided the City into sections for this work. They will begin work in the first sections on Monday, January 4 and are scheduled to complete all the meter changes by mid-June.  Prior to starting work in each section, those residents will receive a letter via U.S. mail from HydroCorp. The letter asks that each homeowner schedule an appointment for their meter change within 15 days of receiving the letter.   Appointments can be scheduled online at www.hydrocorpinc.com/monona or by calling HydroCorp at 1-844-493-7641. Appointments are available Monday through Friday in 4-hour blocks from 8:00 a.m.–noon or noon–4:00 p.m. Someone over the age of 18 must meet the technician on-site to complete the appointment. Each appointment typically takes less than 45 minutes. There are no fees for the meter replacement. However, any other costs associated with plumbing repairs are the responsibility of the property owner.

Cross Connection Inspection

A Cross Connection Control inspection will also take place during your appointment. The purpose of this inspection is to check for any conditions in which backflow or backpressure in your plumbing system could result in contaminated water flowing into the drinking water supply. 

COVID-19 Considerations

HydroCorp personnel follow a strict COVID protocol when entering the homes of residents. They keep a daily log of their temperature and are instructed not to report to work if they feel sick or have an elevated temperature. They wear masks over their nose and mouth at all times, maintain a strict 6-foot social distance at all times, wear disposable gloves which are changed between every appointment, and disinfect surfaces prior to and after working. They are instructed to reschedule appointments if they feel they cannot maintain social distance in each residence. 

Prior to the scheduled appointment, it is the property owner's responsibility to:water service line

  1. Provide a clear, unobstructed access to the water meter.  This means the technician has access to operate both valves and is able to access, remove and replace the meter with both hands.
  2. Provide fully operable shut-off valves on both sides of the meter.  If these valves leak or fail during the meter replacement, it is the property owner's responsibility to replace or repair the valves. If it is found to be unsafe to exchange the meter due to accessibility or because of obvious deterioration of the valves, the meter exchange will have to be rescheduled after the property owner has made the necessary repairs. 
  3. All HydroCorp employees wear photo I.D. badges with their full name included. Always ask to see the I.D. badge before you allow entry into your home.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact HydroCorp at 1-844-493-7641.