Cross Connection Follow-up Inspections

Per Wisconsin State Statute NR 810.15, the City of Monona, as a municipal water supplier, is required to complete a cross connection inspection for every residential service a minimum of once every 10 years or on a schedule matching meter replacement.  As such, the technician who installed your new water meter completed a cross connection inspection of your plumbing system. 

Diagram of a cross connection in a sink full of water
Graphic display of 1 inch air gap between discharge pipe and drain

I Have a Cross Connection. Now What Do I Do?

If a potential cross connection was found, you will receive a letter from the City explaining the connection and how to correct it. The vast majority of cross connections found were at the point of discharge for a water softener.  This is a common cross connection and easy to fix.  The risk for this cross connection comes if the pipe or hose which discharges from your water softener drains directly into a floor drain or into a utility sink.  There must be a 1-inch gap (an air gap) between the bottom of the pipe or hose and the floor drain or the top water level of the sink.  This 1-inch gap ensures that if the drain or sink backs up, contaminated water cannot flow back up the pipe or hose, through the water softener, and back into the drinking water supply. Many times, the fix is as easy as cutting an inch off of the end of the hose or pipe.  

If the cross connection found at your home is more complex, for example involving a boiler or underground sprinkler system, it may be necessary for you to call a plumber to have the issue corrected.

Once I've Fixed My Cross Connection, What Do I Do?

The City is required by law to follow-up with homeowners to verify that the cross connections are fixed.  If the solution for your cross connection is easy to fix and easy to see, we encourage you to take a photo and send it to Otherwise, please call us at 222-2525 to schedule an in-person inspection.