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A TO Z AUTHORS! Children's authors everyone should know!

Today we are featuring author Jim Aylesworth. Jim visited the Monona Public Library to share with us his stories and how he was inspired to write books. Check out his website at 
20190306_180719Check out his books!

Cock-a-Doodle-Doo, Creak, Pop-Pop, Moo

Jim Aylesworth / Brad Sneed

"Rooster crows, Cock-a-doodle-doo. Wake up, girls, And little boys, too." 

Breakfast ham pop-pops , cow moo as they're being milked, girls feed clucking hens, and boys split wood-- wack ! When chores are done, rockers squeak, and kids play games while Grandma's knitting needles click and the clock ticks .

Rhythms, rhyme, and onomatopoeia are used to describe a day in the life of a farm family. Children are sure to join in and laugh with the sprightly telling. Age Level: 3 to 6 years old.


The first five years of life can set the stage for success in school and later in life. It is important to ensure that every child is supported during this critical time of development.

4-C, in collaboration with United Way of Dane County, is happy to offer you a unique opportunity to learn more about your child’s development. Ages & Stages Questionnaires (ASQ) Click here.

Early Literacy Skills

What can you do to help your child build literacy skills? Click here for resources and a literacy tip of the month.


Reading Rockets
Reach Out and Read

1000 Books Before Kindergarten 

1000 Books Before Kindergarten is a reading program which encourages parents and caregivers to provide positive, nurturing early experiences by daily reading aloud to their children ages birth to five.


The AWE Early Literacy Station is a dynamic computer for children ages 2-8. Learn more.
Reading with a Dog at the Monona Public Library

The program improves children’s reading and communication skills by employing a powerful method: reading to a therapy animal. But not just any animal.Dogs on Call teams are Pet Partners registered therapy animals as well as Read With Me teams that volunteer with their handler going to schools, libraries, and many other settings as reading companions for children. Learning to read is often less about intellectual limitation than about overcoming fears. Animals are ideal reading companions because they:
  • Help increase relaxation and lower blood pressure.
  • Listen attentively.
  • Do not laugh, judge, or criticize.
  • Allow children to proceed at their own pace.
  • Are less intimidating than peers.
Learn more here.


"Therapy animals are scrupulously clean and well-groomed before each session, which helps. Many therapy dogs are treated with a dander remover product and body deodorizer before they volunteer. If a child suffers from severe allergies or asthma, reading with a dog might not be appropriate or enjoyable."
Reading is Important
This video is a celebration of reading, and emphasizes the importance of helping children develop early literacy skills.