Community Programs

  1. Bike Patrol

    Review information about the Police Department's Bike Patrol Unit.

  2. Community Policing

    Read about how the Police Department attempts to make a difference in the local community.

  3. Identity Theft

    Learn how to avoid or prevent your identity from being stolen.

  4. K9 Sponsors

    Peruse information regarding the local sponsors of the K9 program.

  5. Neighborhood Watch Program

    Join the Neighborhood Watch Program.

  6. Sex Offenders

    Access information about the current list of registered sex offenders.

  7. School Resource Officer

    Gain information about the responsibilities of the school resource officer.

  8. Traffic Enforcement

    Learn about the various different ways the Police Department enforces traffic regulations.

  9. Vacation Checks

    Provide information to the Police Department to have them check on your house while you are on vacation.

  10. Safe Community Med Drop Program

    A safe, secure way to dispose of unwanted medications which could unintentionally be consumed by children and others, or be scavenged from the trash and sold illegally. Learn more by clicking the link above.