Sustainable Monona 

Mission Statement

Sustainability in everything we do. 

The City of Monona is a leader in environmental sustainability, and believes that a commitment to the environment is crucial to having a flourishing community. Having sustainability in mind while supporting the ecological, economic, and social needs of our community ensures that we will not deplete or minimize the resources of future generations.

Join the Adopt a Storm Drain Program

Keeping our storm drains clear of leaves in the fall is crucial to reducing the amount of phosphorous in our lakes. Leaves can create dissolved phosphorous when they are rained on, and because our stormwater drains into Lake Monona, those piled up leaves can contribute to algae blooms in the lake. You can help avoid these algae blooms by adopting a storm drain to keep clear of leaves during the fall. Visit our Adopt A Storm Drain page, read the Leaf-Free Streets Brochure or contact Brad Bruun, to learn more!

  1. Forestry Challenge
  2. Bike Friendly Community
  3. Clean Energy
  4. Recycling

Monona is on the Move to Plant Native Trees!

Monona is known as the city of trees. And Monona is on the move to restoring and growing our tree canopy. Trees naturally clean the air we need to survive while providing beauty, shade, nutrients, wildlife habitat and increasing our property values. Monona has consistently replaced or added to our tree canopy as diseased or dangerous trees are removed. As the number of ash trees needing removal explodes, we’ve increased the City budget dedicated to keeping pace.

Earlier this year, the City Council also created a way for our whole community to help – a new City Forestry Fund. Additionally, the Sustainability Committee is launching a Monona Forestry Challenge.

The first 50 Monona residents or businesses who donate $100 or more to the new Forestry Fund or plant a new, native variety tree on their own property will get a $25 gift certificate to one of the many terrific Monona eating establishments that can use our help right now.

Click on the flyer below for more information about how to participate. For more information on the City Forestry Fund, click here.

For a list of recommended and native tree species from the City, please click here.

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2019 Sustainability Dashboard

Each year, the City analyzes its energy, water, transportation and waste data to track progress towards goals like those outlined in the 100% Clean Energy Resolution. Check out the 2019 Dashboard below to see how the city made progress last year. 

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2018  Sustainability Dashboard


Leaf Management: Adopt a Storm Drain Project
Degrading leaves, left unattended during the fall season, produce phosphorous that contaminates our lakes. Preventing leaves from entering our storm drains keeps our water cleaner and healthier. To adopt your storm drain, visit our web page!

Resident Energy Survey
The Resident Energy survey, conducted in the summer of 2019,  asked community members about their current investment and interest in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects at home and city-wide. You can see the results on our web page.

100% Clean Energy Resolution
In March 2019, the City Council approved a resolution to pursue 100% clean energy to satisfy all municipal and community demand by 2040 and 2050, respectively. The resolution addresses issues of climate change and resiliency, along with the economic benefits of transitioning to renewables.

Waste Diversion at the Riverfront Redevelopment
Ever wonder if construction projects are concerned with reducing and reusing materials? Well, in Monona, we are! This project, completed in May 2018, was able to divert 87.9% of all non-hazardous materials from reaching a landfill. Read the report by clicking here!