Parking Restrictions During Snow Events

No Parking After 2 Inches of Snow
The City of Monona does not follow alternate-side parking during snow events. Monona City Code 10-1-26 states that it is unlawful for any person to park or cause to be parked any vehicle on any public street within the City of Monona at any time within twelve (12) hours after a snowfall of two (2) inches or more, unless within such time the public street has been cleared of snow. If the forecast calls for a snowfall of two (2) or more inches, residents should remove their cars from the street until the street has been plowed. Cars parked on a city street that has not yet been plowed will be ticketed.

Snow Emergency
In the event of a major snowstorm, the Mayor or the Mayor’s designee may declare a snow emergency. During a snow emergency, it is unlawful for any vehicle to be parked on any city street for the duration of the snow emergency. Cars parked on the street during a snow emergency will be towed. Declared snow emergencies are announced to the local media and posted on this website. In addition, residents can sign up to receive alerts when a snow emergency is declared. To receive these alerts, sign up on our Alert Center.

City parking lots are available for free parking during snow events.

Snow Emergency Alert

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