Course Descriptions 

 Level  Course Prerequisites
 Course Content
Children 6 months–3 yrs. and a minimum of 1 adult per child.

This class is held in the main pool.
Learn water confidence, kicking, bubble blowing, and have fun! 
Paddlin' Penguins
None. Designed for beginning swimmers 2½–4 yrs. old. 

This class is held in the wading pool without parents in the water.
This class is for children who do not yet put their faces in the water. The primary goal of this class is to build confidence and get students accustomed to being in the water. 
Squirts "A"
(3-5 yrs)
Passed Paddlin’ Penguins and/or willing to attempt dunking their heads underwater.

This class is held in the main pool, and students must participate without assistance from a parent. 
Swimmers will learn to blow bubbles, dunk their heads, and perform a front float and a back float from the side of pool.
Squirts "B"
(3-5 yrs)
Passed Squirts "A" or can dunk their heads and are willing to attempt a front and/or back float. Students will learn to float (front and back) with a minimal amount of assistance, perform a beginner stroke with aids, and retrieve objects from the bottom of the pool. 
Squirts "C"
(3-5 yrs)
Passed Squirts "B" or can float unassisted on their front and back and go under water without hesitation. Flutter kicking, glide, breath control and the front and back crawl strokes will be introduced.  
Level 1
Must be 5 years old or passed Squirts C.
Students will learn buoyancy, floating, kicking on front and back, basics of rhythmic breathing, intro to front crawl, combined stroke, and safety skills. 
Level 2

Passed Level 1 or can float on front/back and perform basic front crawl skills. 
Students will learn buoyancy, floating, kicking on front and back, rhythmic breathing, front crawl, retrieving objects in chest-deep water, and safety skills.  
Level 3
Passed Level 2 or can do 10 yards of the front crawl with rhythmic breathing. Must be comfortable in the deep water (over their heads).  Students will improve the front crawl, learn diving, back crawl, elementary back stroke, treading water, and rules for safe diving  
Level 4
Passed Level 3 or can swim 15 yards of coordinated elementary backstroke and 25 yards of proficient front/back crawl. Students will develop strength and confidence in front crawl, back crawl and butterfly.  They’ll also be introduced to breaststroke, sidestroke and open turns. 
Passed Level 4 or age 8 by the time class starts; can swim 50 yards front/back crawl, 25 yards elementary backstroke, breaststroke. This level encompasses levels 5-7. Instructors will work on children’s individual level. Students will learn work on endurance swimming, breaststroke, sidestroke, flip turns on front/back, butterfly and treading water.
Passed Level 3 or can dive from side of pool, or is willing to attempt a dive from diving board. This course is designed to give students an introduction to the proper techniques for approaches, body positions, and entry.
Junior Lifeguarding
Ages 11-14 Junior Lifeguarding has a strong focus on developing swimming skills to help participants meet the Lifeguarding course prerequisite. The course also introduces participants to lifesaving skills, such as in-water rescues, use of a rescue tube, and first aid, CPR and AED. Participants also have the opportunity to shadow lifeguards in rotation to get a real sense of being on the job.