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Monona Senior Center
1011 Nichols Road
Free and Open to the Public

Photo of Louis Fucilla, Assistant Professor Political Science UW-Whitewater
This talk explores the theory and research on trust in government in the United States with a focus on the role that experiences with administrative agencies, or bureaucracy, have on trust.  We've observed a large decline in trust in the Federal Government since it was first measured in the 1950's and scholars have spent the ensuing decades attempting to understand this phenomena and its importance.  One solution adopted by some scholars and government executives have been to reform, or change, bureaucracy to make it work "better" in order to improve trust.  But is this a sensible approach to restoring trust given what we know actually effects us?  While we may not always (or ever) like interacting with bureaucratic rules and procedures and no organization can even perform as effectively or efficiently as possible, do those things matter for the formation of trust?