Stone Bridge Park Master Plan

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The 2014 Capital Budget included funding for a master plan for Stone Bridge Park.  SAA Design Group was selected to conduct a public input meeting, provide a few ideas and come back with several options for improvements to Stone Bridge Park.

Stone Bridge Park is a lake front park on the north side of Monona.  There is a pier that the Lake Monona Sailing Club maintains and serves as a launch and moor site for sailboats.  There is also a historical landmark called the Pagoda in the park.  Questions/thoughts to consider for a master plan can include;

What type of features would be acceptable to help treatment of storm water before it enters the lake?

What type of shoreline erosion control measures should we use, or what type of shoreline would you prefer to see?

What should be done about the Pagoda, the structure is in bad shape, but it is a historical landmark, how can landscaping be done to improve aesthetics and ease of maintenance?

What type of view of the park and lake should we have from the road?  Should more or less tree canopy be the goal?

Preferred Concept 3.1.15

Design Possibilities

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