Show Profiles

The Book & The Spade: Gordon Govier - Sunday @ 8AM

Unique news and interview program that reports on the latest discoveries and developments in Biblical Archaeology. The only new facts about the Bible and the Biblical world come from archaeology. Tune in for backgrounders on the Bible with Monona radio veteran Gordon Govier.

Classic Drive Swede Said: Kirk Swenson – Sunday @ 1PM (Monthly)

Like a great mixtape from your friend that you listen to again and again. The program includes a variety of genres with songs from 60 years of rock/soul/blues/indie/follk/punk/Americana music. Classic DRIVE SWEDE SAID is heard the third Sunday of each month at 1 pm. Episodes are rebroadcasts from the 350 DRIVE SWEDE SAID shows which aired on WVMO from September 1, 2015 to May 17, 2022.

Great Songs, Great Singers & Big Bands: Rod Perry – Sunday @5PM

Polka Time: DJ Shotski – Sunday @ 7PM

Dutchman style polka with the Midwest flare. The show airs Sunday and rebroadcasts every Saturday evening at 7PM.

Go Deep: Bruce Rave – Sunday @ 8PM

Up-tempo and melodic all new music show that scans the worldwide indie radar for the most important current tunes. Expect to hear new tunes from artists you know, and for you to also be turned on to some newbies.

Upbeat: BFB – Monday @ 5PM

A show with a spotlight on uptempo music from a range of genres especially rock and blues. Tune in, turn up the volume, and move your feet--on Upbeat.

The Roadhouse: Knut – Monday @ 6PM

The Roadhouse is an eclectic mix of dream-pop, indie rock and cult classics inspired by the ethereal vibe of Twin Peaks and other David Lynch soundtracks. Each week, host Knut takes you on a sonic journey of music that connects in both theme and mood.  Follow Knut on Instagram

Playhouse: Hanna K – Monday @ 8PM

Open the door to Playhouse for a live transmission of contemporary electronic, synth pop, jazz and more. Inspired by cartoon living rooms and neon nights, you can expect new and technicolor sounds to decorate your listening space each week.

The Good Kind:  Marcus Johan -  Tuesday @ 6PM

This show is focused on playing vinyl recordings, exploring a variety of musical genres including, blues, rock, funk, jazz and more. "There are two kinds of music, the good and the bad. I play the good kind" - Louis Armstrong

Boogie Down: Taylor Cherry – Wednesday @ 6PM

Music that you can feel in your hips! A great eclectic mix of music that will make you wanna dance! This show will be dedicated to music that make listeners want to dance and/or sing along, focusing on base and drum-heavy tunes ranging from mainstream hits to obscure treasures. I will showcase upbeat music from a variety of genres, including hip-hop, punk, international music, pop, jazz, rock, and R&B, and I will steer towards music that is positive in its message and lyrics.

Savage Radio: Savage Scott – Wednesday @ 7PM

A one hour program that features music that stretches from The Beatles and James Brown to Big Audio Dynamite and Beck to all things beyond. While rock and roll, power pop and British Invasion music from the '60s through '90s remain the foundation, you can also expect detours into the serious funk, expressive jazz, hypnotic electronica, cosmic prog rock. It will be blissfully melodic and beautifully loud...please join in the fun!

This Week in Music History: Jeff Perry – Wednesday @ 8PM

Celebrating the music of The Beatles.  Join host Jeff Perry for all things Beatles, from the early days of "Love Me Do" to "Abbey Road" and everything in between.  Jeff has been known to throw in a rarity or two, maybe some Beatle solo songs and interview clips... and always an hour of fantastic music.  Fab!  Gear!

9.8.7 Countdown to Country: Jody McCann – Thursday @ 10AM

Explore some roots, “old time”, local and classic country music.

Nic At Night: Nic Alexander – Thursday @ 6PM

Featuring a wide variety of rock and soul from the 1950s through present day, the show is often presented thematically, with broadcasts showcasing everything from horns to handclaps.

Old Dog, New Music: Matt Eidson – Thursday @ 7PM

An indie, UK, 80's, 90's, punk, b-sides. It's music that you probably missed when it came out, but need to hear. Guided by Voices, The Long Winters, Pinback, Alt-J, Savages, Arcwelder, Mudhoney, Beach House, Metz & Michael Kiwanuka are just a few artists that you will hear on my show.

The Cheetah: C Sharp – Thursday @ 10PM

Like the name suggests its fast music with a whole lotta beats-per-minute. Featuring Punk Rock from the UK and beyond.

Donuts of Champions: Douglas Alan – Friday @ 9AM

Do you like breakfast pastries?  Do you need a soundtrack to reach for what seems impossible?  Tune in every Friday morning to hear “Donuts of Champions”.  Get your morning started off right and fill up on a dozen or so unexpected gems that will give you what you need to cross that line.  

The New Music Discovery Show: Fletcher Keyes – Friday & Saturday @ 1pm

A show that features the recent Americana hits of the week. 

Midnight Vinyl: Lefty Joe – Friday @ Midnight

Classic Cuts and forgotten 45's from the 1950's through the 1970's.

Listen to Midnight Vinyl "On Demand"

Back In The Day: Johnny Rasta (Shivers) – Saturday @ 10AM

A history of funky music takes listeners on a trip to discover and celebrate classic soul tunes. Each week, the former club DJ works on a different theme to both entertain and enlighten others to the stories behind this memorable music.

Cool Reggae Beats: F.R.P. – Saturday @ 4PM

A Jamaican music lovers one-hour program, focusing on the classics, rarities and the very latest releases from around the world. On any given Sattaday, one can expect to hear some 'Blue Beat' (Jamaican R&B) from the late 50's, Ska from the early 60's, Rocksteady from the late 60's and Reggae from the late 60's to yesterday's releases!

Remembering Radio: Paul Cargill – Saturday @ 5PM

The show that takes a listen to some of the great radio broadcasts of the past.

Years before television broadcast its first primitive black and white picture, radio had been broadcasting in living color, provided by the pictures in the listener’s mind. Return to those thrilling days of yesteryear, with American pop culture of a bygone era.

The Weekend Concert: Pat Oneill – Saturday @ 8PM

Listen to some of your favorite artist in concert live on tape. It's like reliving some of your most memorable shows! 

The VMO Show: Joe Martin – Weekdays @ Noon & 3PM

A variety show that features all things Monona and good music!