Active Public Works Projects

Winnequah Road Pirate Island Bridge Replacement

Updated May 4, 2021

Monona will be replacing the bridge on Winnequah Rd. that stretches over the Pirate Island Channel connecting Pirate Island with the rest of Monona.  This bridge has an active rating of 8 out of 100.  The project includes a complete reconstruction of the current bridge in 2 phases leaving at least one lane of accessibility at all times.  The project includes updating the existing sanitary and water utilities running along the bed of the channel as well as some pavement modifications adjacent the bridge structure and improvements to some storm water outfalls and rip rap.  

The bid has been awarded to RG Huston.  The project is set to begin in July after fish spawning.  

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Stone Bridge Park and Stormwater Improvements

Updated May 3, 2021

The Work at Stone Bridge Park includes the construction of 2,700 square feet of concrete path, retaining walls, a high capacity inlet, 265 linear feet of storm sewer, a 3,900 square feet underground wet detention basin, grading of a majority of the 0.78 acre site, riprap at outfall and along shoreline, and a combination of turf and native restoration. The Work also includes lighting and landscaping. The project also comprises site work at the Monona Community Center. This work includes 900 square feet of new concrete walkways, new fences, retaining walls, and landscaping. Bid Alternative No. 1 includes the removal and replacement of 450 square feet of concrete sidewalk, 110 feet of concrete curb and gutter, and 200 square feet of asphalt patching.

Clearing the park and prepping to place stormwater bypass piping will begin May 21.  Erosion control will be installed the week of May 14.  

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Gateway Green and Bartels Flood Hazard Mitigation 

Updated May 4, 2021

This project is needed to mitigate property flooding issues the City has been having along Gateway Green and Bartels St.  

The Work includes 375 LF of 4‑foot by 8‑foot box storm sewer, 125 LF of 43‑inch by 68‑inch elliptical storm sewer, 320 LF of 8‑inch sanitary sewer, storm sewer junction chambers, spot curb and gutter replacement, asphalt roadway patch repair, and site grading.

Project Schedule:

May 3-7;  Storm pipe and structure installations at Bartels.  Restoration work on turf grass and swale at Bartels
May 10-14;  Curb and gutter and driveway patching at Bartels.
May 10-14;  Sanitary sewer installation begins between Gateway Green and Sylvan Ln. 

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North Winnequah Road Speed Humps 

Updated May 4, 2021

The City has experienced many close calls with traffic, pedestrians, and bikers near the intersections of Midmoor Rd. and Winnequah Rd. and Waterman Way and Winnequah Rd.  This is a heavily trafficked ped and biker area near the City's ice cream shop and one of its most popular parks.  

The speed humps project will also include updated striping for pedestrian crossings.  

Project approval process has begun.  Low bidder was Cattell.  

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Water Meter Upgrade and Survey 

Updated May 3, 2021

The City is moving toward a new water meter program.  The meters will now be able to be read remotely and have constant monitoring.  This should help residents and business owners fix leaks at their facilities and manage their utility budgets better.  This meter is able to be read on a monthly basis, meaning that the City will be moving to a monthly billing system for water, sanitary, and storm utility fees.

Meters installation will be ongoing throughout 2021.  The City has been contracting with Hydrocorp.  These installations will require entry by the City and Hydrocorp crews into resident's homes.

Meters are being changed as Hydrocorp and Monona Utility Crews are able to coordinate scheduled visits with homeowners. 

If you have received a letter from the City regarding the requirement to perform your water meter change, please respond immediately!

Contact Dan Stephany, Monona Director of Public Works and Utilities with any questions regarding this project.

Monona Drive Phase 4 Reconstruction (South of Broadway to HWY 12/18)

​Updated May 3, 2021

The City of Monona is partnering with Dane County Engineering to reconstruct the stretch of Monona Drive from the intersection at West Broadway Avenue to Hwy 12/18.  Partial or full closures will happen throughout the project.  The project is slated to be performed in 3 phases.  Dane County crews will likely begin in April 2021.  Updated lists of closures will be posted to the City's website as well as on this page.  

Project Schedule:

Project - Phase 1 is currently under construction.  Monona Drive from HWY 12/18 on/off ramps receiving new base, curb & gutter, medians, storm inlets, and pavement.  Currently base course and undercutting of base aggregate is being repaired.  Work is being performed from the intersection at Broadway Ave to the Beltline. 

County's Project Page
Construction Plans
Construction Phases

​Lower Water Tower Painting

Updated May 4, 2021

Monona's smaller/lower water tower will be repainted in 2021.  

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Monona Annual Road Maintenance Program

Atwood Ave. Road Reconstruction Planning and Design - 2026-2027

Updated - April 8, 2021

The project was not approved in the 2020 TIP for federal funding.  The project will apply for federal funds in 2022 for funding in 2026.

Visit the City of Madison project page for more information.