Ad Hoc Pedestrian and Bicycle Committee

50% Draft of Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements Plan

The Ad Hoc Pedestrian and Bicycle Committee was established in February 2018 by the Common Council in response to residents' concerns about bicycle and pedestrian safety throughout the City, especially along Winnequah Road.

The charge of the committee is to assist the Common Council, Mayor, and staff to create a plan to develop safe, accessible corridors through the community, and this plan will consider multiple forms of transportation that include pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicle.

May 8th - Open House Workshop and Public Input Meeting

Monona held a Ped and Bike Improvements Workshop/Open House on Tuesday, May 8th at Winnequah Elementary School.  See the event flyer for more information.  Residents were presented with information about potential pedestrian and bike improvements that the City may utilize.  Residents were given the opportunity to give their feedback at the meeting either by sharing verbally or via filling out a comment form.  If you were unable to attend this event please fill out the Comment Form and submit via email to - Brad Bruun - Monona Public Works Project Manager by May 31.  

YouTube video of the Event

Slideshow Shown at the Event

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