Sign Code Update

The City of Monona is currently undergoing the process of updating the Monona Sign Ordinance. The project got started in March 2018 when the Plan Commission held a kickoff meeting with their consultants at Vandewalle & Associates. Over the summer of 2018, a steering committee comprised of three Plan Commission members and City Staff met to begin drafting a new ordinance. In October, the draft created in the steering committee was brought to a Plan Commission meeting that was open to the public for full Commission review and feedback. A second draft was brought back to the Plan Commission in December 2018.

Adoption of the new Sign Ordinance is anticipated in February of 2019.

What is the sign code and what does it regulate? 

The purpose of the sign code is to establish standards and to regulate the location, type, size and height of signage for all properties within the City of Monona. Signs shall be regulated to promote public safety, minimize conflict with vehicular and pedestrian traffic and other signs, and promote harmonious appearance which will encourage a healthy business environment.

Why update the sign code?

  • Reorganization and additions to the sign code to increase user friendliness, ease of administration and uniformity in regulation.
  • New sign types and definitions to reflect modern business practices.
  • Bring the code into compliance with the Reed v. Gilbert Supreme Court decision. 

What are some topics that will be covered by the update? 

  • Ensuring the sign code meets all legal standards for protecting freedom of speech. 
  • New sign types – marquee, blade, suspended, feather, sandwich board, menu board, order board signs and more. 
  • New map showing which parcels are allowed to have pylon signs. 
  • Added graphics and figures to depict examples of the various sign types and specific standards.

Draft Sign Ordinance