Gary J. Clark Memorial Deck


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 You can donate online or call the Parks & Recreation Office at 608.222.4167 or mail a check to:
Monona Parks & Recreation - Gary J. Clark Deck
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Wednesday June 30th, 2021 5:30 PM
Winnequah Park - Dream Park Shelter
Join us for the official dedication of the Gary J. Clark Memorial Deck and a cheers to Gary.

Gary J. Clark was a highly skilled and proud firefighter/EMT for the Monona Fire Department for 35 years. He was for a true hero to countless people in Monona, Wisconsin who benefitted from his care and compassion. He has saved countless lives, brought babies into the world, saved homes, and remained the calm and compassionate voice when others were experiencing their worst days. Unfortunately, on January 21, 2017, Gary became a completely different kind of "One in a Million." He was diagnosed with an incurable disease called CJD (Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease). CJD is a cruel and vicious degenerative brain disease that can neither be treated, nor slowed. Two weeks after his diagnosis, CJD took Gary's life. This disease is extremely rare; in fact, the odds of contracting CJD are sadly "One in a Million." A great family man, Gary left behind his loving family and so many who he considered family - the Monona Fire Department, his great friends, fellow golfers, dancers and adventurers. To honor Gary and his contributions to the City of Monona, a fund has been created to build a deck in Monona's Winnequah Park overlooking the lagoon - a spot for families to gather in summer and winter; a place for dancers to take a break during the Monona festivals; and a place for contemplation and reflection. It seems fitting, as a deck exudes a relaxed and welcoming place to chill, to laugh, to dance, and to love. No one did that better than Gary J. Clark. We are hoping to raise $15,000 to cover the cost of the deck and installation by the end of the summer of 2019. And on any deck, on any day, take some time to relax, reflect, love and LAUGH.