Good Neighbor Project

The Good Neighbor Project is a Monona neighborhood program in which City staff and the Monona Police Department collaborate with citizens to foster and encourage community engagement. 

Neighborhoods are the foundation of a strong community. Getting to know your neighbors, your Monona Police Officers, and the City staff that works for your neighborhood will create a large network of people who can work together to solve issues and discuss topics and events that impact the area surrounding your neighborhood. Monona is our community and our home. We can work together to continue making our great City a safer, stronger, and even better place to live.  

Previous Community Relations Officer Nate Reynolds

Photo of Community Resource Officer Nate Reynolds with several citizens

How Can You Join the Good Neighbor Project?

You can start a Good Neighbor Project in your own neighborhood. Your project can be as simple or as formal as you'd like. Here are some ideas:

  • Start small with the neighbors in your Nine House Model. These are the neighbors in the 3 homes behind you, the 3 homes across the street, and the homes on each side.  These are the neighbors who live closest to you and could be first responders if an emergency arises.  Arrange to meet these neighbors and exchange contact information with them. 
  • Organize a neighborhood project or a city tour with a group of neighbors.  We'll help you organize a tour of the police department, fire station, or public works facility.
  • Start a common interest group with neighbors, like a book club, sports team, mom's group, cooking club...
  • Attract a larger group by hosting a neighborhood meeting or social event.  Consider a block party, fun run, or rummage sale. Or invite a general-interest speaker or a Monona officer to speak about personal safety or crime prevention.
  • Go virtual by starting your own neighborhood Facebook page or other social media platform where you share you information. 
  • Go formal by organizing a group that meets regularly for neighborhood meetings or a neighborhood association with boundaries, bylaws, and board members.










Nine House Model

Let Us Know About Your Good Neighbor Project!

If you start the ball rolling in your neighborhood, let us know.  We'd love to share your project and your ideas, and we'd love to help you if we can.  Or, if you want to get involved but aren't sure how to start, maybe we can help.  Either way, submit this form and let us know.