Zoning Permits

A zoning permit is required for any construction, substantial relocation or substantial enlargement of any structure or building. A zoning permit is also required for any use of change in the use of any land, water, structure or building, as determined by the Zoning Administrator. A zoning permit is not required for a change of ownership. However, if a change in ownership is accompanied by another action which requires a zoning permit, a zoning permit is required for such other action. View the most recent Zoning Map.

Permitting Process:


  1. Meet with the Zoning Administrator to review the proposed project, discuss the application requirements and review process, review applicable codes, and receive other information as needed.
  2. Complete a Zoning Permit Application and submit plans and information with the required application fee to the Zoning Administrator. City staff will coordinate review of plans by department heads and determine if an engineering review may be required.
  3. Zoning permits that require review by the Plan Commission generally go through two Plan Commission reviews. A pre-hearing conference is held to familiarize the Plan Commission with the proposal and to provide feedback to the applicant. The Plan Commission may require revisions or additional plans. A public hearing is often held at this time to collect public input on the plan. 
  4. After a prehearing conference, applications may be submitted to the Plan Commission for consideration of action. Submit required revisions or additional materials for review by City staff and the Plan Commission. A formal hearing is then held, including a public hearing. The Plan Commission may take action to approve the permit at this meeting.
  5. If a zoning permit is approved, the zoning administrator will issue the permit with any conditions of approval required by the Plan Commission.   

Applicable Zoning Regulations and Application Forms

Please contact the Planning Department at 608-222-2525 with further questions regarding the procedure for zoning permit application.