The Future of Mass Transit in Monona

Current Service:  Monona Express and Monona Lift

The City of Monona currently provides public transportation in the form of a commuter bus service (Monona Express) and an on-demand service for seniors and those with special needs (Monona Lift). MononaTransit_Lift_Bus

Monona Express loops through the City on weekday mornings before heading directly downtown with stops downtown, on the UW campus, and at the downtown Madison hospitals.   In the late afternoon/early evening, Monona Express offers direct service from downtown Madison back to Monona.  

Monona Lift is a handicapped-accessible bus designed to meet the needs of the elderly and disabled as well as the general public.  It makes daily loops through Monona and downtown Madison.  Elderly or disabled riders with special needs can prearrange to be picked up or dropped off within one-half mile of the route as it makes its regular journeys.

Proposed Service:  Madison Metro

While the City's current services offer an affordable and convenient option for some residents and commuters, it doesn't provide service to the larger Madison Metro area or offer evening and weekPhoto of a Madison Metro Busend service. To that end, the Transit Commission is considering a proposal to switch from our current services to Madison Metro Transit.  The proposal includes stops on Monona Drive and Broadway which would connect to direct routes to the UW and the Capitol, as well routes to other parts of the Madison area. It also includes a proposed route through the City which would provide access to the Library, Senior Center, and Pool.

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