Paid Leave Time


Full time employees receive vacation benefits per the schedule below.  (Union employees should see their labor agreements for their vacation schedule.)  Full-time, non-union employees may carry over up to 160 hours of vacation into the following year.  With permission, employees may carry over more than 160 hours but must use all hours over 160 by May 1.  On May 1, all balances over 160 will be reduced to 160 (or the prorated amount for regular part-time employees).  Accumulated vacation up to 160 hours is paid out at the end of employment.

Vacation Schedule (Non-Union)
Years of ServiceHours earned 
per pay period
per year
Less than 12.6784 weeks (160 hours)
1 - 5.994.33134 weeks (160 hours)
6 - 15.996.00184 weeks (160 hours)
16+7.67234 weeks (160 hours)
*prorated for regular part-time employees

Sick Leave

Full-time, non-union employees receive 1 day (8 hours) of sick leave per month.  Unused sick leave may be carried over from one year to the next and accumulated up to a maximum of 85 days.  Unused sick leave up to the maximum accumulation is paid out to employees only at retirement, in the form of contributions to health insurance premiums or to a 457 retirement plan.

Floating Holidays

Non-union employees receive 3 floating holidays per year.  Floating holidays may not be carried over from one year to the next and are not paid out at the end of employment.