Health Insurance

Monona offers health insurance benefits through Quartz for all full-time employees. In addition, permanent part-time employees who work 20 or more hours per week are also eligible to receive prorated health insurance benefits. The City pays 90% of the premium for full-time employees; full-time employees pay 10%.  Your employee premium deduction is payroll deducted on the first paycheck of each month (15th of the month).

Employees can enroll within 30 days of hire and every year during Open Enrollment. Open Enrollment occurs every December for coverage beginning with the January 1 plan year. Outside of these times, employees may only enroll mid-year if they have have a qualifying event.  For instance, if an employee has health coverage under their spouse's plan and their spouse loses their job, the employee and their family would be eligible to come on to the City's Quartz plan mid-year due to the qualifying event. Other qualifying events include marriage/divorce, birth of a child, or an employee who loses their dependent coverage on their parent's plan after turning age 26 or 27.  Important:  if you have a qualifying event, you must apply for coverage under the City's plan within 31 days of the qualifying event.

There are 2 plan options available through Quartz.  If you're not sure which plan is better for you, see the Health Insurance FAQs document to the left for some considerations.

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Option 1 - Quartz HMO

With this option, employees must use Quartz network providers. Services for providers outside of the Quartz network are not covered. Out-of-pocket costs are: 

  • $10 per office visit copay
  • $40 per ER visit copay
  • Prescription drug copays:  $10/generic drug; $25/preferred brand drug; $50/non-preferred brand drug
  • $0 deductible
  • No coinsurance

Quartz HMO Benefits Summary 2024


Employee Cost (10%)

City Cost  


Single Coverage


Family Coverage


Health Insurance Opt Out

Full-time employees who already have health insurance coverage through a spouse, partner, or parent can choose to opt out of the City's health insurance plan. In return, the City will deposit $250/month into a 457 retirement account in the employee's name.

Option 2 - HDHP-HSA (High-Deductible Health Plan + Health Savings Account)

With this option, employees must use Quartz network providers and meet an annual deductible. In exchange, the premium is lower, and the City funds 75% of the single or family deductible in a health savings account (HSA). At the end of the calendar year, any unspent funds in the employee's HSA are the employee's to keep and roll into future years to pay for qualified health, dental, and medical expenses. This plan requires a $1,600 single deductible or $3,200 family deductible. There are no copays or coinsurance; the employee pays for all costs until the annual deductible has been met, then pays nothing for the remainder of the year. 

Quartz HDHP-HSA Benefits Summary 2024


Employee Cost   (10%)

City Cost     (90%)

Single Coverage

$1,600 deductible
+$1,200 deductible contribution

Family Coverage

$3,200 deductible
$16,728.24/year + $2,400 deductible contribution

The City's deductible contributions are deposited into a health savings bank account (HSA).  Employees who have an existing HSA can provide direct deposit information for their account. Those without an existing HSA will need to open an account at any bank of their choice.  The City's deductible contribution is made in 2 annual payments -- the first on the January 15 payroll, and the second on the July 15 payroll.