Family Care Paid Leave

In 2020, the  City Council adopted a policy which gives qualifying employees up to 2 weeks of paid leave in order to deal with a close family member's acute or unexpected serious medical situation without the hardship of having to exhaust their leave balances or take unpaid time off work.

The intent of the leave is to give employees time to deal with a medical event for which they couldn't plan or prepare.  For instance, a cancer diagnosis, a serious accident, a heart attack or stroke, a mental health emergency, etc. 

Below are the general rules of the policy.  Read the full policy here.

General Rules of the Policy

  • Full-time and permanent part-time employees who have worked for the City of Monona for at least 12 consecutive months are eligible for this benefit.
  • This leave runs concurrent with FMLA, not in addition to FMLA. 
  • The leave can be taken all at once or intermittently in 1-day segments over a one-year period of time. 
  • Employees are paid their normal base salary while on Family Care Paid Leave.
  • Employees are eligible for up to 2 weeks of leave in a one-year period.

How to Apply

Complete the Family Care Paid Leave request form and return to your supervisor.  Since leave to care for someone with a serious health condition is also a qualifying event under the FMLA, complete an FLMA Request Form also. Your application will be reviewed and a decision made regarding whether your request qualifies as Family Care Paid Leave or regular Sick Leave.