Schedule Anywhere

Schedule Anywhere is the City's paid leave time tracking software.  If you are a full-time or permanent part-time employee in Administration, Library, Police, Senior Center, or Parks & Recreation, you should submit your requests for time off to your manager through Schedule Anywhere.  

Submitting a Time-Off Request

New employees will receive a welcome email from Schedule Anywhere to set up thDoc4eir account. Once your account is established, log in and select "Time Off Request" from the "Personal" menu in the top menu bar. Choose your Manager from the drop-down menu and select the dates and you're requesting to be off. Be sure to specify what kind of leave you wish to use in the Message field. Hit submit and your request will automatically be sent to your Manager.  You'll receive an email when it's approved.

Viewing Your Time Off

Wondering if you already sent a request for a day off?  Or can't remember how many vacation days you've taken so far this year or whether you've used your floating holidays yet? Select "My Schedule" from the "Personal" menu.  It will show you your time off during the time frame you select. 

Keeping Track of Your Accruals

Human Resources will keep track of your accrued and used leave time and provide you a calendar printout at the beginning of each of year which shows you how much time you're earning per month and what your balances are at the beginning of the year.  You can also use the calendar to track your balances.