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Listed below are samples of storytimes we offer periodically throughout the year.
We take storytime breaks now and then throughout the year to focus on school-age programs, school visits, and special events.

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Our goal is to provide parents an opportunity to introduce their children to reading and language in a fun way. Storytime sparks a child's desire for good literature and can help stretch their attention span, improve listening skills, and promote the public library as an enjoyable place where learning is fun. 
Talk, Play, Sing, Read, Write!
Bouncing Baby Bunnies Storytimes
A 15 to 20 minute program for non-walking babies ages birth to 12 months and their adult caregivers. Stay to socialize after the program. Have fun with baby on the floor (chairs available), bring a blanket. Music, rhymes, tickles and bounces.
What is your child learning? Hearing stories and rhymes helps your baby develop language skills.

Chatty Chipmunks Toddler Storytimes
A 20-minute active program for children ages 12 to 35 months old. Enjoy simple books, stories, rhymes, fingerplays and music. Each adult welcome to bring one to three children to accompany in this interactive early literacy adventure. Stay to plan after toddler storytime.
What is your toddler learning? Your toddler learns nine new words a day! Hearing stories, songs, and rhymes helps develop your child's vocabulary.

Ready to Read Raccoons 
Great for the whole family. A 30-minute multi-activity storytime to engage children and promote early literacy skills. Picture books, stories, rhymes, fingerplays, and music! ​This storytime is designed with content for children aged 2 to 4 years, however, siblings are very welcome.
What is your preschooler learning? If your preschooler loves books and stories, your child will be a more successful reader! Help your child get ready to read by following along with the things you learn in storytime.

Friday Friendly Foxes Family Storytimes
A multi-activity storytime to engage children and promote early literacy skills. Picture books, stories, rhymes, fingerplays, and music! ​This storytime is designed with content for children aged 2 to 4 years, however, siblings are very welcome. Friday Foxes only happens during the year when we have a library school intern or additional youth staff. 

Special Butterfly Storytimes

Flutter in and flutter out for special event storytimes for children ages birth to 6. These storytimes are not part of a series and no registration is required.

Big Bear Sensory Storytime!
Sensory Storytime is just like regular storytime, but with modifications that make storytime more comfortable for children with specific needs. Our inclusive program incorporates a schedule board, visuals, and sensory (smell, hear, touch, taste) opportunities for participants, as well as socialization time for the entire family's enjoyment.

Sensory Storytime is a quiet, slow-paced, sensory-enhanced storytime offering educational, literacy, and social opportunities for children of all ages and abilities, their siblings, and their peers.

Registration is required for this program.  Monona Public Library in collaboration with an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher from Winnequah Elementary School.

Go, Go Great Horned Owls!  Wise Owls Explore and Discover!
Who? Who? You! This storytime for children and their adults will encourage parents and caregivers to abandon any sense of formality and to just play with their child. Ms. Karen will start the program with books, rhymes, songs, and other activities and then will open it up for playtime. Read, Explore, Discover! 
What is your child learning? Play = Learning! Through play, your child develops literacy and social skills.


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Through storytimes, we hope to:

  • Encourage children to become lifelong readers
  • Introduce the library and its services to children and families
  • Promote language development and provide verbal learning experiences
  • Promote reading aloud at home by parents and caregivers
  • Provide children with group activities and experiences
  • Share the best of children's literature and illustrations
  • Teach children that the library is a helpful, friendly place where they can find materials to enrich their lives

Guidelines for Parents

In order to make storytime a happy, learning time for all, we encourage parents to use this opportunity to teach children listening and cooperative skills.
  • Please bring your library card with you to storytime each week.
  • Arrive on time.
  • Be attentive and participate in the program; help your child get the most from the sessions. Visit with friends after storytime is over.
  • Discuss proper behavior with your child.
  • We do not expect silent, rapt attention, however, if your storytime child wanders or becomes too restless, please leave the room with him / her so that others can enjoy the storytime.
  • Be an active listener as your child shares the stories and activities they heard in storytime. If your child is particularly interested in a book that was read at storytime, we suggest you check it out to read at home.