Borrowing Guidelines & Responsibilities

Borrowing Guidelines
Type of Item Fee per Day Limits per Checkout Loan Period May Renew?
Adult and Young Adult Books $0 None 28 days Yes
New Adult Fiction $0
None 14 days Yes
EXPRESS Books $0
2 14 days No
2 7 days
Children's Books None None 28 days Yes
Children's DVDs and Videos None None 7 days Yes
Adult Feature DVDs $0
10 7 days Yes
Adult Non-Feature DVDs $0
10 28 days Yes
Adult Videocassettes $0
None 7 days Yes
Audio Books on CD $0
None 28 days Yes
Music CDs $0
None 14 days
Magazines $0
None 14 days
CD-ROMs $0
2 14 days
LEAPfrog and Children's Software None 2 14 days

Note: Most materials may be renewed one time unless there are other requests for them. At the end of a second loan period materials should be returned to allow others a chance to borrow them. EXPRESS Books and EXPRESS DVDs may not be renewed.

Responsibility of Cardholder
You are responsible for all materials borrowed on your card or your child's library card. Report lost cards immediately. Library privileges will be suspended until financial obligations are met by the borrower. If your items are more than 28 days overdue, your borrowing privileges are blocked. You are financially accountable for all un-returned items charged to your library barcode number.

If materials are overdue, return them as soon as possible to avoid additional fees. When charges exceed $20, you may not check out additional materials at the Monona Public Library. Uncollected accounts in excess of $50 will be turned over to Unique Management Services (UMS). A processing fee of $10 will be added to accounts that are referred to UMS. Patrons with unpaid fees who have been turned over to UMS shall not be allowed to borrow materials from the library until the balance is paid in full.

There is a charge of $30 on checks returned for insufficient funds.