Lost or Replacing Cards & Items

Due Date Receipts
Due date receipts are printed for all materials checked out. Be sure to check carefully for due dates, and keep receipts handy in case you have questions.

Forgotten Cards
One ID is required, preferably a driver's license or photo identification. You may only borrow on your card.

Lost or Stolen Cards
If your card is lost or stolen, report it immediately to the Monona Public Library, 608-222-6127, or your nearest local library. If your card is presented for checkout before you report it lost or stolen, you are responsible for all the materials checked out on it.

If a card has been lost or stolen and you wish to receive a replacement card you must show ID in person at the Monona Public Library. There is a fee of $1.

Holds on Items
All items on hold for pickup at Monona Public Library are held on self-service pick-up shelves near the main desk. Holds are organized alphabetically by patrons’ last names and are shelved spine-label down to ensure privacy. Any patron may request that their holds be held behind the main desk.

Items may be placed on hold by the patron online on LINKcat, by calling the library, or by visiting the main desk.

Note: EXPRESS Collection materials may not be placed on hold or renewed.

Most materials may be renewed two times unless there are other requests for them or unless they are EXPRESS items or are on hold for another patron. Items may be renewed in person, over the phone 608-222-6127, or online via LINKcat. If you are renewing materials that are due the day you are renewing them, items must be renewed by 10 p.m. to avoid overdue charges.

Interlibrary Loan
Materials not available in the South Central Library System may be borrowed from another library. There is currently no fee to reserve items. To place an Interlibrary loan, please visit the main desk or call us at 608-222-6127.

Returning Items
Items may be returned to the Monona Public Library or at any public library in the South Central Library System (Adams, Columbia, Dane, Green, Portage, Sauk, and Wood counties). You may also return items to Monona Library from other SCLS member libraries.

For your convenience, the outdoor bookdrops are open 24/7. If for some reason the bookdrops are full, do not leave items next to or on top of the drop. Materials returned in the drop before the library opens in the morning are considered returned the previous open day. Materials returned while the library is open are checked in the same day.

Lost or Damaged Items
The library does not accept replacement items as substitution for lost or damaged items. The patron is responsible for the cost of the item and any overdue fine incurred.

Damage / Missing Material Fees
These fees are incurred when the library is not charging for replacement. The maximum is not more than one half the costs to replace the entire item.
  • Barcode missing - $1
  • Book and cassette set / missing bag - $1
  • Book cover missing - $5
  • Book on cassette / cassette missing - $10
  • Book on cassette / case missing - $5
  • Book plastic jacket missing - $1
  • Booklets-CD and SFT / missing - $5
  • CD plastic case missing - $1
  • DVD case missing - $5
  • Video case missing - $5
  • Video paper insert missing - $3
Replacement Costs for Items
Monona replacement cost is the actual cost of item plus a processing fee. Costs for replacement can be found using the status command in Dynix (MPL items are linked with the processing fee added in).

Processing fees are as follows:
  • Toys, Videos, SFT, DVD - $5
  • Books, cassettes, CD, BOCD - $3
  • Magazines - $1
When the current list prices are unavailable for any library material, an average replacement cost for that type of material is charged, (based on current list prices).

When a lost item is paid for and then returned within six months from when it went to lost status, the patron is refunded the replacement cost minus the processing fee.