File a Self Report

****Please DO NOT submit information about PARKING complaints or other events that are "OCCURRING NOW" via self-report. There is a substantial delay between you filing the self-report and our receiving the self-report.  Instead, please call the Monona Police Department non-emergency number (608) 222-0463 to report these events.

Please complete the Self Report form with as much detail as possible.  

This web-based form was created to allow our citizens an additional tool to report crimes to the Police Department. It is an extra service to our community, and it also allows the Police Department to keep patrol officers more readily available for emergencies.


The use of this form constitutes the filing of an official police report to the Monona Police Department. Certain identifiers are sent along with this form which would allow the police department to trace the report back to its origin, if necessary. The intentional filing of false information on this form is a violation of Wisconsin State Statutes and will be prosecuted. The use of another person's identity on this form is a violation of the Identity Theft Statutes and will be prosecuted.