School Resource Officer

The school resource police position provides a police officer in both the Monona Grove High School and Glacial Drumlin Middle School. Through a cooperative effort with the Monona Grove School District and the Monona Police Department this program provides for a police officer to assist the administration in issues that would need police intervention. In addition to providing legal assistance the officer is an invaluable tool to teachers and staff.

The officer is available for classroom instruction addressing a wide range of subjects.

Responsibilities & Services

The Monona Police School Resource position was created in 1996 through a cooperative effort between the Monona Grove School District and the Monona Police Department. The position is currently held by Officer Luke Wunsch of the Monona Police Department. Officer Wunsch works 5 days a week at the Monona Grove High School and assists at Glacial Drumlin Middle School in Cottage Grove as needed.

The school resource officer is responsible for working with the youth in the school district through preventive education and increased communications. The responsibilities of the school Resource officer is to work closely with school administrators, staff, students and parents to help educate them through class room instructions and one on one communications. The school Resource officer also works directly with administrators in issuing citations and referrals for those students that violate both local and state laws.

Through education it is our goal to make students aware of their legal responsibilities and how the law can affect them. Students are instructed on topics such as alcohol awareness, retail theft, gun safety, constitutional law, personal safety, illegal drugs use, traffic law and even career opportunities in law enforcement.