Planning & Community Development

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Responsibilities & Services

The planning department prepares, implements and updates current and long range city plans, coordinates site plan review for commercial development proposals, meets with the public regarding proposed neighborhood or community plans, and coordinates planning activities with neighboring communities and other levels of government. The Planning Department also reviews requests for business development or expansion, and for changes in zoning or signage.

The department provides staff support to the following City Committees:

Plan CommissionResponsible for implementing the City's Comprehensive Plan and ensuring orderly growth and development within the City.
Community Development AuthorityResponsible for promoting economic and community development activities in the City. 
Landmarks CommissionResponsible for protecting and enhancing sites and districts which reflect the City's cultural, social, economic, political, and architectural history. 
Zoning Board of AppealsResponsible for hearing and deciding on variance requests.

Guiding Documents

The following documents inform and provide guidance for the decisions of the committees listed above: 

Zoning OrdinanceComprehensive PlanSign Code

To find zoning permits, sign permits, and other application forms, please visit the Applications & Permits page

Planning and Zoning Procedures Manual

For more information about development procedures, permitting processes and other important information about the department, see the Planning and Zoning Procedures Manual

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