Sustainable Monona 

Mission Statement

Sustainability in everything we do. 

The City of Monona is a leader in environmental sustainability, and believes that a commitment to the environment is crucial to having a flourishing community. Having sustainability in mind while supporting the ecological, economic, and social needs of our community ensures that we will not deplete or minimize the resources of future generations.

Featured Project: Pollinator HabitatIMG_20210726_201446_468

Pollinators like bees are critical for our food production - the USDA estimates that 1 in 3 bites of food depends on pollinators for its production! However, pollinator populations are dwindling due to habitat loss and environmental contaminants.

Last year, Monona revised its lawn length ordinance to allow for No Mow May - when residents can grow their grass and let wildflowers bloom during the month of May, a critical time period for pollinators. 

20210726_184515 Opens in new windowNo Mow May is nearly over this year, but there are still actions you can take to create beneficial habitat for pollinators! You can consider a Slow Mow Summer and gradually replace your turf grass with slow and low-growing plants. Or, you can plant a Flowering Lawn or Bee Lawn by mixing wildflowers in with your turfgrass. These lawns are provide food for pollinators all summer long, require less maintenance and resources, and create healthier soil!

If you are interested in more ways you can create habitat for bees and other pollinator habitat on your property and throughout Monona, consider joining the Sustainability Committee's Bee and Butterfly Brigade - sign up here!

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2021 Sustainability Dashboard

Each year, the City analyzes its energy, water, transportation and waste data to track progress towards goals like those outlined in the 100% Clean Energy Resolution. Check out the 2021 Dashboard below to see how the city made progress last year. 

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2020 Sustainability Dashboard

2019 Sustainability Dashboard

2018  Sustainability Dashboard


Sustainability Champions

The Sustainability Committee, Monona Community Media and students from MG21 collaborated to record stories from Monona resident who have taken on sustainable projects in their homes. Featured projects include solar panels, home energy audits, and event a LEED Platinum certified home! Explore them all on the Sustainability Champions story map. 

Leaf Management: Adopt a Storm Drain Project
Degrading leaves, left unattended during the fall season, produce phosphorous that contaminates our lakes. Preventing leaves from entering our storm drains keeps our water cleaner and healthier. To adopt your storm drain, visit our web page!

100% Clean Energy Resolution
In March 2019, the City Council approved a resolution to pursue 100% clean energy to satisfy all municipal and community demand by 2040 and 2050, respectively. The resolution addresses issues of climate change and resiliency, along with the economic benefits of transitioning to renewables.