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City Clerk
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City Administrator
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The City Administrator or his/her designee is Legal Custodian for every other authority not listed.

Specific details of our procedure are governed by the written City of Monona Code of Ordinances, which is available online or at City Hall, 5211 Schluter Road. To assist you with your request, some of those details are listed below:

  1. Walk-in requests for viewing are allowed only during normal business hours. These hours are defined as Monday through Friday (not including legal holidays) between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Walk-in requests for viewing will be handled as soon as practicable and without delay. There will be no charge for viewing a record. There may be charges to reimburse the City for the actual, necessary and direct cost of this process. You may be told to return at a later time or date if we are unable to process your walk-in request at the time of your request.
  2. Requests for copies of records will be completed as soon as practicable and without delay. The fee for paper copies of records is $0.25 per page. Other fees will be at the actual, necessary and direct cost to the City, which includes the location process itself if it exceeds $50.00 and any possible mailing or shipping costs. Pre-payment of fees may be required if the costs exceed $5.00.
  3. Most circumstances do not require that you identify yourself or state the reason for your request, however the nature of some records do require identification to verify that you meet the allowable release criteria. 
  4. If your request is denied in full or in part, you will receive an explanation for the denial and you have the right to appeal the denial to the attorney general or a district attorney per section 19.37(1) of the Wisconsin Statutes.

Chapter 3 (Monona Code of Ordinances)
Public Records

Sec. 3-3-1 Definitions.

(d) Direct Cost. The actual cost of personnel plus all expenses for paper, copier time, depreciation and supplies.
(e) Actual Cost. The total cost of personnel including wages, fringe benefits and all other benefits and overhead related to the time spent in search of records.