1- and 2-Family Residential Fees

New Structure / Addition
$0.15 per sq. ft. all floor area
$125 minimum
Erosion Control
$125  New Structure
$75  Accessory Structure / Addition
$10 per $1,000 of valuation
$50 minimum
Reroof, Siding, Windows $50
Accessory Structure
$0.15 per sq. ft. all areas
$50 minimum
Fences $50
Decks $0.69 per sq. ft.
$138 minimum
Pools $50
Driveways $40 (right of way permit, not building permit, is required)
Occupancy Permit
$50 per dwelling unit
Temporary Occupancy Permit
Early Start Permit
$100 (footings and foundations)
Plumbing $45 base fee plus $0.05 per sq. ft.
$110 minimum
$45 base fee plus $0.05 per sq. ft.
$124 minimum
$45 base fee plus $0.05 per sq. ft.
$110 minimum
Razing Fee
$75 for first 1,000 sq. ft. floor area
$40 per 1,000 sq. ft. floor area thereafter
Miscellaneous Fees
Minimum permit fee:  $50
Additional inspections or re-inspection fee:  $50 each
Failure to call for inspection:  $50 each
Project started prior to receipt of permits:  double fees
Building permit renewal fee:  50% of original cost

Double fees are due if work is started before the permit is issued