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Monona Library songs and storytime ideas. 

StoryLine Online - Video program featuring famous people reading children's books aloud.

Open Culture - An archive of 6,000 Historical Children's Books, all digitized and free to read online.
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Common Sense Media - Best Apps. Recommendations for families.
Carissa's App Picks for Kids 
School Library Journal  - Quality apps for children preschool through grade 12.


Aldo Leopold Nature Center - ALNC is leading the way to ensure visitors of all ages and backgrounds have opportunities to connect with nature by offering positive and constructive learning opportunities that capture their interest, engage their senses and teach them to appreciate the interconnectedness of all living things.

Environmental Protection Agency
- Games and Quizzes.

Fun Brain - Education and Games, Books and Comics.

Magic School Bus - Games, Activities, Books.

Mr. Roger's Neighborhood - The Mr. Rogers Neighborhood website offers a storehouse of the series' best clips, plus song lyrics, new activities for kids and parents, and fun facts about the show and its creator. Computer-savvy kids as young as four can explore this site, but parents will want to share as much of this special  learning experience as possible.

National Geographic Kids - Games, Videos, learn about animals, and places, and get fun facts.

PBSKids - Games and Videos.

Reading Rockets - Helping Struggling Readers.

Space Weather Center - Space and weather activities.

Spatullatta - Kid Friendly Recipes, Basic Cooking Skills, Creative Projects, Virtual Tours. (One of our young patrons enjoyed this site so much, he wanted to share with us this site with lists of healthy snacks for children. We do not necessarily endorse the business.)

Try Science at Home - Science is all around you. Your backyard, your kitchen, and other areas around your home.

Whyville - More than 100 Games and Activities from Checkers to Music Maker.

Wonderopolis - The Wonders of Learning Never Cease.

Ziggity Zoom - Fun, light learning for preschoolers and early readers. Parents need to know that Ziggity Zoom is a fun, lightly educational site for preschoolers or early readers and their parents. This creative site is filled with games, printables, and craft activities for kids that encourage reading, coloring, drawing, and imagination. Parents must login with their Facebook accounts for kids to play some of the games.



Kids LOVE animals!! It is the number one "GO TO" research topic for kids, teachers and librarians.
Free websites that provide animal facts for kids are a common request. 
San Diego Zoo for Kids: Great animal photos!! Easy to read facts. 

National Geographic for Kids: There are no better pictures on the Internet. Lots of comprehensive facts, too. 
Wild Kratts on PBS: Check out Creaturepedia!! Fun facts for kids. 

Animal Fact Guide: The reading level is geared for older students; however, the text is comprehensive and printer-friendly too! 
Soft Schools: A hidden treasure with straight-forward facts about tons of different critters. 
Science Kids: A simple and straight-forward collection of animals and facts. 
Enchanted Learning: Lots of animal printouts great for kids. 

Smithsonian National Zoo: Facts! Videos! Live cams!
Recipe For Living Bully Free
From The Empowerment Café


Bullied                                Facilitator
Underconfident                   Reject
Looking Glass                    Empathy
Laden                                 Eagle

  1. A bully is typically a victim of bullying within their family
  2. The bully lacks self-confidence and has low self-esteem
  3. The victim is a looking-glass, reflecting the bully's own beliefs of inferiority
  4. Laden their low self-esteem onto the victim, temporarily boosts self-confidence
  5. Lacking courage they live in fear of being physically or emotionally harmed
  6. Find a trusted adult knowledgeable at facilitating a sustainable resolution
  7. Reject their words and actions by strengthening your self-confidence
  8. Empathy brings into perspective their actions are not about you, but about them
  9. Be an eagle, soar high above the bully's behavior, focusing on your life