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Give your child the gift of dance! Classes are held at the Monona Community Center under the guidance of our dance instructors.  Learn in a fun and supportive environment.  Class descriptions and times are detailed below.  A recital will be held after the Winter session.

Course Description

This ballet is a beginning level class where dancers are introduced to ballet positions and techniques that will build a strong foundation for years to come. Students will increase confidence, develop motor skills, and learn proper dance moves to stretch the body. Our approach is innovative and encouraging for young dancers with big imaginations. Ballet slippers, tights, leotards and tutus are welcomed. This is a drop off class (i.e. parents and caretakers do not participate).

Jazz is a style of dance that finds its roots in ballet, but was enhanced by musical trends, social dances, and the popularization of dance through movies and musicals. These classes place an emphasis on isolating body parts, increased flexibility, and creative dance sequences.

This class is designed to facilitate the best functions of the body. Students work from a warm-up to locomotive floor work, then a cool-down. Moves and choreography will be introduced.

Dance Attire

Ballet Students - Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes
Jazz Students - Black leotard and black tights, black dance shorts
Freestyle Students - Black leotard and black tights, black dance shorts
Hip-Hop - Black loose fitting clothing
Freestyle- Black leotard and black tights