Why Summer Reading is Important

"When it comes to summer, reading may not be the first thing—or even in the top ten things—kids have in mind! But reading can be the ideal summer activity. It’s fun, portable, can involve the whole family, and will help your child academically." NEA
Summer Library Program facts
  • Summer reading loss is a key factor contributing to the achievement gap between struggling and successful students.
  • Lower-achieving students are less likely to read out of school.
  • Those comfortable reading are more likely to choose recreational reading as a summer activity. 
  • Having access to books, and having books in the home, is essential to building strong readers.
  • Public libraries can break these cycles and get materials into the homes of children who do not have their own books.
  • Children who don’t read over the summer lose 3 months of reading comprehension.
  • The loss is accumulative – by the end of 6th grade these kids are 2 school years behind their peers.
  • Middle school is too late; even with the best remedial classes, these students will remain behind their peers.
  • Reading as few as 4 books keeps kids at their current reading levels.
  • Young children with richer home literacy environments succeed when they begin school.
  • Freedom to select reading materials of their choice results in strengthening reading skills.
Created by Shawn Brommer, South Central Library System, 10/06
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